A complaint message on behalf of our Chairman. I would like to draw your attention towards the Intolerant and Unacceptable behavior and arrangement that we have to face every time while we fly Singapore Airline, the so called best Airline in the World.

I and my family have been flying Singapore Business Class extensively since the last 6-7 months, spending almost INR 1 Crore in tickets alone, which is no small amount by any stretch of imagination. (Details of our recent travels are enclosed herewith along with this letter).

On each and every occasion we have to face a traumatic experience at the Singapore Airport regarding wheelchair assistance. We have to wait endlessly and request repeatedly for getting the required assistance, leaving us frustrated and ashamed.

To site the latest example of our last travel.

Date of travel – 26.11.2015

PNR Number – 585KRU, 5BOXHX

Passengers – Nikunj Kumar Lohia, age 70, requiring special assistance; Indira Lohia; Mohit Saraogi
We requested for wheelchair at the Checkin counter immediately upon arrival. We were told that there is a waiting time of 20 mins. After patiently waiting for 20 mins, we were told to proceed towards the Lounge and the wheelchair would be on its way. Since time was short, we had no other option but to proceed towards the lounge albeit with great difficulty.

We were in the lounge for almost 2½ hours and even after repeated requests there was no sign of any wheelchair. The staff kept on reassuring that it’s on the way but to no avail. Finally, one of the staff inside the lounge took a wheelchair that was there inside the lounge to take me towards the gate. While on our way to the boarding gate, three different people changed hands as no one seems to be willing to push the chair.

This is not only frustrating but extremely inhuman, intolerant and unacceptable to a person who is already under a trauma of using a wheelchair. We choose to fly Singapore Airlines as we believe in its world class service and hospitality but to our utter dismay, you have failed all expectations and have showed such filthy attitude that we are being forced to rethink our future association with the airline.

This is given that I and my family have booked at least 100 Business Class tickets in the last 6-7 months and will be travelling as frequently in the near future as well.
We have highlighted above of what we have experienced time and again and the ball remains in your court as to what you can do to retain business and regain confidence in the industry at large.

We still Thank You.

Nikunj Kumar Lohia
East India Udyog Limited
145, G. T. Road, Sahibabad,
Ghaziabad (UP) – 201005
#0120-4175700, 09910082052

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