2 days ago, I went to a convenient store at NUH to get some stuff. I spoke to the counter staff in English and he threw me this weird and paranoid look. He then replied in Chinese. With a very strong China accent, he proclaimed “can you speak Chinese? You are Chinese, can’t you speak Chinese!” Shocked by this statement, I replied in Chinese “sure, I can speak in Chinese, but this is Singapore”. He went on to say “Singapore means Chinese. Chinese is Singapore”. I was so annoyed and told him “Singapore is Singapore. Not Chinese”. I paid for my stuff and left.

I walked to Kent ridge station and was welcomed by all the friendly Malay staffs at the station…. At promenade station, a malay lady at the platform hurried me into the train cabin with patience and a warm wide smile. On the train, I made a call to a customer service center and an Indian lady picked up. She was so nice, so helpful and understanding. I really love my country and the nonsense by that staff really angers me.

I grew up in a multi-racial environment. It’s made up of 4 different ethnic groups and it doesn’t belong to any single one but everyone. The soldiers spent 2 years of their life protecting this country regardless of language, race and religion. I wonder how this foreign friend of ours got the idea that this country belongs to a certain community only.

I’m a singaporean, who happens to be of Chinese ethnicity and even I’m pissed off.

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