This guy went in the LRT with me and then rushed over to the seat and make himself comfortable and then stare at me when i am standing in front of him with my BABY “even i carrying my baby” he just ignore me nvm but keep staring at me like in the pic!

super mad n furious and i was about to tell him could you give up the seat especially “its a Priority Seat”. another couple opposite gave their seats to me just happened when they reached their destination also. I thank them. everyone was looking at me with baby but no one give up seats its fine. you just simply stare and stare non stop at me and not giving up your seat to someone who need it more?

Share around i wanna tell him please don’t be a selfish, give those who needed it more. Be gracious. By the way its a priority seat you sitting on. so no excuses that you had a bad day etc. its very obvious no need to debate further here. its a fact that you didn’t give up your seat and kept staring at me even when i have sat down in front of you.

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