Oh ya! Forgot to rant about something and now it’s on to tomorrow’s post -.- was standing outside the restaurant waiting for our uber car and I overhead this uncle telling his friend “马来西亚可以乱乱丢,新加坡就不可以” (translated to “you can just litter in Malaysia but you can’t in Singapore”), while ENCOURAGING his friend to throw his cigarette butt on the floor. Like wtf you can be civilised in Singapore but not in Msia? People always wonder why Johoreans especially hate Singaporeans. This is the reason why.

I don’t know why I’m so offended by that statement and I should have said something about it but I didn’t ugh so pissed at myself. Super double standard weh these people. I think people like me who grew up in JB especially hate them being here because 1) they’re super calculative to the extent of using a calculator to convert prices 2) they come in to buy our cheap stuff & end up hiking the prices 3) the most important reason ; THEY THINK THEY’RE FAR SUPERIOR THAN MALAYSIANS

Omg that 3rd point I tell you.. They honestly just look down on us & I’ve had first hand experience on that.

“oh wow your English is so good.. are you’re not Singaporean?”

I met this Singaporean lady in Edinburgh who commented how unsafe JB is and how she doesn’t like coming in here. Yeah I thought to myself, don’t come. But despite all these reasons, why do they still come? Because stuff here are cheap..

But this whole post is a generalisation of the Singaporeans but it’s somewhat true but one thing to add is that I’ve really nice Singaporean friends as well, and not everyone is like that.

Doesn’t change how I don’t like seeing them (and their cars) around town though.

Okay rant over go back to Singapore you guys.

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