Another drunk fare invader….time 2.15am-2.45am. Pick up pax at Clarke quay to anchorvale link. Tell me won’t vomit when I asked him, I tell him you needa wash if vomit inside the vehicle. So in order to play safe I asked him which blk b4 he doze off, keep telling anchorvale link. Upon reaching anchorvale link, I asked him again. Tell me to go straight at the same time he seems like looking for something at the door panel…Immediately I put to child locked. When he asked me to stop, on the spot vomit…I was nnbccb.

Me: you better wash clean b4 you go off
Pax: paisay….sorry…
Me: look! You wana wash onot
Pax: paisay…paisay…
Me: don’t keep say sorry to me, how am I gonna take pax? It need time to wash and wait for the smell to go off. If not we go petrol station wash you pay or pay me $100 for lose of income of 2 hrs and interior wash
Pax: I don’t wana pay the fare
Me: ok lor I call police
Pax: call la
While waiting for the police arrived….
Pax: bro can go already anot
Me: im not your bro…we wait for the police to arrived, i thought you very yaya when i say wana called police?

After police arrived, asked him questions…

Police: which location you boarded
Pax: changi
Me: are you sure
Police: which blk you stay
Pax: there
Police: which blk you stay
Pax: there….314
Police: can I have your ic
Pax start busy searching here and there
Police: did you bring your wallet out
Pax start search vehicle up and down
Pax: can open the boot
Police: open for what
Pax: is inside
Police: you are sitting at the rear seat
Pax: can open the boot
Police feel piss off and asked me to open…aft open…
Police: where is the wallet
Pax: ar……..is at the front boot
Police: boot is at the rear

When Police asked him for ic number he also duno. He even challenge the police to handcuff him. So police did not hesitate, immediately handcuff him. It took about 10min to make him sit in the patrol car.

After I make statement at sengKang NPC, I asked the IO what will he get. He can be charge for 3 charges. 1 is scold police officer vulgarity…that’s what the IO said. The other 2 charges he didn’t say.

Im sure he will be detain in lock up at amk station. Good luck to you cb kia and wait for the charges.

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