DID U KNOW?? Before the City Harvest trial, it was a fact even on New Creation Church’s website that if u wanted to be a registered church member, one of the criteria u had to meet was to tithe a minimum of 6 months!

After the CHC trial, NCC effectively removed such statement from their site and toned down on preaching prosperity. Even its senior pastor, Joseph Prince claimed to stop taking church salary and rely on his book royalties, though he never affirmed nor denied that he earned $50,000 a month. I can assure u that he did, as told by an NCC insider, a family friend, who worked for him 4 years before the fact was exposed.

No where do we see in the bible Jesus and his disciples charging for memberships. The moment we are born again, we belong to the church, the body of Christ. Its already paid for in blood on the cross by our Saviour. A person does not become a member by paying money, but by being born again.

Former NCC member 2002-2004

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