Don’t ever take Billion Stars Express!!!

This bus company is absolutely lousy. I paid SGD39 for the ticket from One Utama to Singapore Golden Miles. My bus suppose to depart at 2.45PM on 29/11/2015. A day before, they called me and told me that the bus has break down and would like to rearrange my schedule to 4.30PM. Ok, fine, i take the offer. But then when we depart from One Utama and almost reach Seremban, the bus break down. We have no idea what happened to the bus as the driver just explain “bus break down”.

Then, we spent almost 2 hours waiting for the replacement bus to pick us up at the R&R. After we get into the new bus, we are then stop again at the Yong Peng rest area, which normally express bus doesn’t stop there. And it’s already almost 10PM. They pick up another 3 new passengers at the Yong Ping rest area. Uhmm, there is something wrong here. I thought i bought the express bus ticket? and it shouldn’t stop at Yong Peng and pick up new passengers.

Then, guess what? This so called express bus drop us at Larkin Bus Interchange. Ask us to take the 170 SBS Bus to get into SIngapore, because that bus doesn’t have the permit. WTF, It’s already 11PM and all the passengers are forced to take the public transport? The bus driver is “very generous” and pay us the bus ticket, which cost him “SGD2.50” per person. p/s: The new passengers from Yong Peng seems know about this and without saying anything, get into the 170 and pay the ticket by themselves. So, I feel being conned by the bus company.

Can you imagine all of us carrying our bags and luggage (not me, but other passengers, pity for them), squeezing into the public transport? Some more, it’s raining!!! We need to get through all these hassles under the rain, getting down and up for few times as we need to get through the customs of Malaysia and Singapore.

By the time I left Singapore customs, it’s already 1AM. Then, I need to take a taxi from Woodlands back to Bedok, which cost me SGD30.

As all of you can see, I supposed to reach Singapore latest by 9.45PM (7 hours from 2.45PM), or 11.30PM (7 hours from 4.30PM), but, end up I reach Singapore at 1AM. And i was forced to take taxi at a higher rate (midnight rate). So, what’s the point i spent SGD39 (as other express bus might only cost RM55) to get myself suffered?

For those who are looking for express bus from KL to Singapore, please DO NOT get Billion Stars Express. Their service is BAD!!!

Samson T

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