Dear ASS,

I just want to warm all parents to be careful if you ever bring the kids to Gobi Desserts.

Gobi is a irresponsible company. I ordered a chocolate therapy cake for my 3 year old son at its Bedok Point outlet. My son said it tasted funny i tried it and it had a chemical smell. The waiter tried it and he told me it was funny smell like the chiller.

He offered to change a cake for me and I ordered a lava cake and it tasted funny. I called the company number and the representative called me back and said the company made a delivery mistake. This batch was to be delivered to hotels. It was rum based chocolate therapy cake and said it was safe to consume.

But my son is only 3 year old. And they said i can do whatever i want. The Gobi management will not speak to me personally since it had outsourced the call services to an agent.

I am able to differentiate what is rum and what is chemical. Besides, the waiter also said it tasted funny. Surely the waiter can tell whether it contains rum. Besides, the lava cake had the same funny taste.

The agent, Dylan, said I can do whatever I want. They cannot stop me. Fine with me. To all parents, pls be careful. To all vendors who ordered from them, pls check too.

Disappointed Parent
A.S.S. Contributor

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