I’m really excited to share this! For the last 2 weeks or more, Baby J had been coughing. We hadn’t seen doc as I don’t like him taking useless cough drugs. And he is mostly coughing in the night + some runny nose. Daytime not too much.

Then I saw this natural remedy on FB yesterday.

Gave it a try with own mixture.

Ginger juice, VCO n raw honey (some flour to make it less runny). Used waterproof dressing over it so simpler.

Usually about 2-3hrs into his sleep, he will start coughing profusely and whine. Last night I paste the wrap for 4hrs, I never hear anything from him, no nasal block, no phelgm sound also!

Throughout whole night not a single cough from him.

This morning due to crying and tantrum, he started coughing again. Can hear that still got phlegm inside. Shall increase his water intake n make the wrap again the next few nights until it’s totally gone.

Mommies with coughing babies can try. It’s said that babies above 6mo can try this wrap. Do note that this is for external application not for oral consumption. Do not feed honey to babies younger than 12mo.

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