I’m one of the victims onboard of the disastrous ferry. When the accident happened, the captain had no idea what to do. And there was no crew to demonstrate to us passenger on how to put on the life vest. I had to demonstrate to some passengers onboard in my seats section on how to put on the vest. 2 ferries did came, but they were at least 400 or more away from the mishap ferry.

All they did was to shine their light and thats it. 2 inflatable life rafts was deployed. The first one had water seeping in, deflated and was over loaded with victims. and it sank. Leaving those victims struggling to keep afloat on the dark water. Mind you there were 2 babies on board of that life raft.

A Nearby fishing boat and sampan came to their rescue. But they can’t go keep their boat close to the ferry enough to save the victims in the water. Thus those left behind victims including me in the ferry helped to keep the boat near to the ferry by pulling the ropes which was tied to their boat thru main entrance door.

I was informed there were 2 RSAF ship awaiting at the boarder of the water line dividing Indonesia and Singapore. All the captain of the ferry needed to do was to just fire the SOS flare and they will come over to rescue. I confronted the captain and asked him why won’t he fire the flare. All he said to me in melayu was: “cannot, I don’t want and I don’t know!” Is that acceptable? And the captain cockpit was found full of alcohol stench and the captain actually vomited.

What a joke. 2nd raft was deployed after the passengers on the sunken raft were rescued. 2nd raft was use to evacuate the remaining passengers onboard including me. But to our dismay, the 2nd raft was also found to have water seeping in and slowly deflating. And the sampan which towed our life raft was traveling at very slow speed and the engine just died off. We were floating with the raft until the same fisherman boat came to our rescue.

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