After reportedly having a huge argument with her a mother, a 20 year-old sat on her kitchen window for 2 hours. She pulled into the house by the police when she was unaware.

Yesterday afternoon, a Malay female was seen sitting at a French Rd flat with her feet dangling out.

The SCDF were quickly deployed and the situation was tense. Screams could be heard as the female was hsyterical. Not long after, she was pulled into the house by force.

After the Malay female was saved, the MP for that area Denise Phua visited the victim’s flat.

According to wanbao, the 20 year-old Malay female is from a single parent family. Her mother has three other children.

A friend Saiful shared that their family is struggling. Although she is just 20 year-old, she has to share the financial burden of the family with her mother who works as a cleaner.

SCDF took her to the hospital for a checkup and it is understood that she is doing well.

MP Denise Phua said that she will work with the relevant authorities and continue to give financial assistance as well as psychological help.

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