Dear Editor,

Yesterday afternoon at 6.30pm i called taxi to pick us up because it was raining. Son school was quite a distance from home. Uncle came very fast. Place the kids in the cab, and i start to load bags and the stroller in the boot. It only took 8 mins from school to our house. It was still raining, so i requested uncle to drop us at the shelter. I hurriedly unload the things in the boot. We went home as normal, when i was unpacking i realise i left my shopping plastic bag in the boot!

I quickly call Comfort and told them about the matter, their staff Ronnie escalate the report very fast. Indeed Ronnie was Efficient! Within mins later Ronnie called me back saying uncle is on his way from simei. I asked ronnie whats the procedure? Do i need to pay for the cab fare of him coming back? Ronnie told me it actually depends on the driver, normally they will on the meter. At least i can standby some cash incase.

I waited for not more than 5 mins uncle came, he stop and i opened the front door. He hand over me my shopping bag and i asked him how much? He sincerely replied no need boy, uncle sincere in coming back to return. I was surprise and felt very very appreciated by his action.

I keep thanking him that i forget to take his name but managed to get a photo of his taxi. A BIG THANK YOU TO UNCLE DRIVING COMFORT TAXI SHA1808E! Thank you uncle. Please share this post so it will be told to everyone around singapore. Thanks!!

Syed H.S
A.S.S Contributor

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