According to 23 year-old Mr Dew Francis, who tried to stop the fight between the Uber driver and a LTA officer at the Bugis taxi stand, he said that the video did not show the full story and that the two men continued throwing punches even after he tried to separate them.

He was waiting for a friend when he saw the Uber driver attempting to enter the taxi stand and the LTA officer trying to stop the driver. The driver then rolled down his window and shouted at the officer which triggered an argument between the 2 before the officer turned his back to resume work.

The Uber driver then got out of his car, wiped his number plate and egged the officer to book him. The driver also whispered something to the officer before the 2 exchanged vulgarities at each other and started fighting. It was then that Mr Francis tried to stop the fight by separating the 2 men from each other. He even told the LTA officer “You are police. Please go home” but after 30 seconds, the duo started throwing punches at each other again.

No one else came to help although many were recording the fight with their mobile phones.

Mr Francis thinks that although the LTA officer should not have acted out against a citizen and should be suspended, the Uber driver should also be punished for starting the fight.

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