According to a statement by the Ministry of Defence, from 1st December this year, all full-time national servicemen and operationally ready national servicemen will receive an additional $80 in allowances across all ranks.

The increase applies to all NSFs and NSmen in the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Police Force.

The last allowance review was in 2012, where allowances were increased by $60 across the board.

With the latest changes, a recruit will earn $560 a month. After factoring in combat or operational allowances, a typical SAF NSF enlistee who is an Infantry Trooper (LCP) in an Infantry Battalion, an NSF TransCom Officer (SC2) in the SPF, or an NSF Paramedic (LCP) in the SCDF will receive S$730 per month in allowance.

A NSF officer holding the rank of 2LT/NSPI will receive a gross allowance of S$1,230 per month.

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