A reader has submitted this touching story of a mother’s support for her child despite her bad grades during her PSLE. The child eventually went on to graduate from a local university and fulfill her mother’s last wish before her mother passed away from illness.

Read her story here.

Just saw the PSLE news, almost 2/3 of the kids are eligible to go express class. So how about the 1/3? To me, a ticket to express class doesn’t mean that there is a short cut to success. It just meant that the 1/3 will just have to work harder to reach the same goal.

My primary school form teacher once gave me a note of encouragement at P6. Till today, I still kept her note. She told me to “try, try, try and don’t give up.” I’m glad I did and I have reached the ‘star’.

Although I have disappointed her with my barely passed PSLE (151) and allocated to NT, I worked hard to prove myself.

Today, I owe my success to my mother as without her I won’t be where I am today. She was my support pillar and a best friend. She had never once scolded us (+ my brother) for our horrible results and did not force any KPI for us to meet. I remembered there was once both me and my brother were called to see principal with my mum because of our poor results. My mother had never once gave up hope on us and always told us to try our best within our means.

Not wanting to disappoint her further, i told myself I can do it! Being a late boomer, I am grateful to have met many good friends, teachers who have helped me along the way.

Only friends who are close enough will know my journey.

I managed to be promoted to NA in Sec 2. Passed decently for my N and O levels. I proceeded to polytechnic education and got a diploma with merit. (I cannot believe my eyes when I got my results)
Initially, due to my family financials, I wanted to work immediately. But I decided to pursue a degree with the aim to provide a better life for my family. My mother didn’t have a good health and she was the sole bread winner of the family until she was too ill.

With my mum and brother’s CPF, I am lucky to further my studies in a local Uni. Although it was very tough in Uni, I’m glad with the support from profs, friends (including my husband), I finally fulfilled my mother’s wish. I did not even get cum laude but to me it doesn’t matter. My brother also went to take a private degree and fulfilled her wish.

The family studio photo with both of us in our graduation gown was the last photo we took together. Happiness was short lived as my mother passed away just 1 year after I started working.

I am glad that I made some sacrifices along the way at work just to spend more time with my mother. To me family always comes first.

We should never stop learning. Looking back now, I felt that it’s not about the paper qualifications that equates to success. But the journey that I have been through that to me is ‘my success’.


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