A reader has shared the touching eulogy left for 23 year-old air stewardess Soh Yuan Lin by a best friend. Soh was murdered by a 26 year-old man Neo Chun Zheng in a Boon Lay flat on the night of 26th November.

Read the eulogy here.

Hi. My name is Alicia. Some of you know me better as Yuhan and I am a flight attendant.

To those who know me better, I have always been very low profile of what I do for a living. Simply because of the labels and stereotypes people like to place on airline crew especially. True enough, it is labels like that media uses to spur viewership.

I lost my best friend yesterday and I haven’t stopped crying since. In two hours time, I’ll be operating on a Hongkong run smiling my way through before I could see my best friend again tonight.

I haven’t spoken to her in a month as we got into a big argument. Her last words to me was “thanks for being there” on 27th October 2015. I was never planning to leave her alone for good. I already have a surprise in mind for her birthday next month. I was planning to tell her let’s come back to each other’s life I miss you. I hope she didn’t leave this world thinking I was still upset with her. I wanna thank her for all the little improvements she had made for the past one month for taking such good care of herself. I just didn’t have the opportunity to see it myself. Or to tell her good job. And most importantly I’m sorry.

My bestfriend is a sentimental soul. She is not good at expressing herself with words or actions but she.. I realise I can’t even bring myself to write in past tense. I remember how she will always watch out for me silently because I have always been very playful, getting into trouble unnecessary. She has always been very supportive of me. I remember secondary school volleyball days. She was not given a chance to be the main players but she never failed to turn up for training to support me, even if it means ball picking for her the entire session. Coach saw her dedication and gave her a spot as the main 12 in the team.

So she chose #12. And I was #1. And she would joke now I’m closer to you, just 11 numbers apart. Till date, she still kept the jerseys. She’s a sentimental soul like that. All the letters and gifts and notes from many years ago, even the ribbons and gifts wraps which come along with it, she safe keeps them till now. Her first couple ring from silverstone, that mintmark and co heartshape necklace, letters, those innocuous looking clothes peg with happy Valentine’s Day greetings, slips of paper and even clothes tags with greetings on them, she kept them all. That’s the kind of girl she is. And that post card from lala, I’m so sorry she never had the chance to read it. But I’m sure she knows your thoughts and love for her smile emoticon

It is unfortunate for whatever had happened and no one knows the details of what went wrong that day. I can only find it silly how people assume and create stories of out Facebook status people post when it could just be a catch phrase from a certain movie or a song lyric. But one thing I do know is, I don’t hate him. I pity him. I feel sorry for his family.

I know that’s what my bestfriend would want me to, to forgive him. I could almost feel her whispering, “everything happens for a reason, that’s just my life”. I want to tell her no dear, I’m still waiting for us to have our first babies, waiting for our kids to get married, waiting for travel around the world while we are old and wrinkled. That is supposed to be your life.

She always sees the good in people. Even if they disappoint her again and again. She still chooses to stick around. Cause she believes in second chances, she believes everyone makes mistakes and they shouldn’t be condemn for it. That’s her. And I know I have hurt you with those awful worlds. You have never stopped loving me too and always watching over me in your own secret special way.

Thank you for everything. I never stop loving you and I know you have never stopped loving me too. Now I could feel you lecturing me for crying non stop cause of you. And before I leave for flight, you would surely text and say “have a safe flight kay(: love you bbg”.

And I’ll reply with a selfie, “me too, see you later love”

A.S.S. Reader

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