Dear Singaporeans,

Not to say beating up an old man or fighting between Singaporeans is ok, I feel that you all should be fair to the LTA officer in the video too.

He is just doing his job. Standing there day in and day out and chasing away drivers so that the road rules are followed and taxis can serve their customers without delay. Is that wrong? Is it fair to the other customers if other vehicles block up taxi road and jam up the area, causing danger to other motorists?

As a former security guard, I understand what this officer is going through. You think it is easy being an enforcement officer? When I used to work shift, all sorts of nasty drivers came up to me when I warned them not to park in an area. Many of them almost wanted to hit me if I didn’t warn them I would call police.

In this case, the LTA officer is in the wrong. No matter what rude things the Uber driver said to his face and how aggressive the Uber driver behaved, he should not have raised his fist and beat the guy. I have been called worse names before, and some b*stards have even cursed my parents and my wife, but I still let it go because words are just words. They cannot hurt me or my family, but in this case the LTA officer has hurt the Uber driver, it is a crime.

Singaporeans, if you can, please show more understanding to our enforcement officers. Publicly scolding and threatening this officer will not help Singapore. Instead, it only lead to more unhappiness. Next time an elderly security guard or enforcement officer gets walloped, will you all show pity on us?

I’m sorry for my bad english, please help me edit if you can.

Uncle Sam
A.S.S. Contributor

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