Everyone including Christians have the right to appeal against any court
sentence. In this case, I feel that Kong Hee has the right to appeal if he
thinks that he does not deserve the 8 year jail sentence meted to him by the
district judge.

However, reading his appeal statement truly upset me as he was using the
Apostle Paul’s imprisonment case to justify his need to appeal as it seems to
be biblical.

Kong Hee, please do not associate and compare your current fate with that of
Apostle Paul. Paul was charged by the Roman court because of the pure gospel
of Christ and not because of his greed for money not his desire to promote
any woman’s materialistic desires in the name of spreading the gospel. Paul
did not live in luxury but worked hard to earn his living as a tentmaker
while preaching the gospel. He was a humble man who gives his whole life to

My prayer to God is that you quickly repent and acknowledge your
self-glorifying and greedy desires for money.

Let me share what some of the things which really upset me about this whole
saga even from a moral standpoint.

1. You expect your church members to downgrade their standard of living but
you keep upgrading your own living standards.

2. The ‘love gifts’ you collected from your members to support you and Sun
Ho’s lavish living expenses.

3. The China wine album which shows a monkey-face ugly woman dancing
provocatively in an extremely racy and secular manner.

I was glad that the Court has finally passed the sentence so that we could
have a closure and move on. Seriously, this court case has truly stumbled
millions of believers and non believers in coming to know Christ. Thank God
that my faith is not based on man but on Christ.

Kong Hee, I think you deserve at least 15 to 20 years in jail now. You are
truly a huge disgrace to the Christian community for your unrepentant heart
and greed.

Angel Gabriel
A.S.S. Contributor

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