Dear Editor,

I can’t believe that there are more than 11,000 people in Singapore who do not want Adam Lambert to perform in Singapore just because he is gay!

There is a petition going around and it calls the American Idol runner-up , 33, an “inappropriate choice” for the show that could “turn an otherwise dignified family-friendly event into a situation that is offensive and potentially divisive”. It adds: “Adam Lambert is hardly the kind of performer to send off our historic Jubilee Year or to usher in the New Year.”

How ridiculous is that?? Let me say, I am not a fan of Adam Lambert and neither do I listen to his music…but using petition, social media and trying to create buzz is just so typical of the new Christian fundies to move their agenda. Do they know that it is ridiculous of them to do so because it would just backfire? Most youths online are tolerant of different sexual orientation. It doesn’t mean all of them approve 100% LGBT lifestyle, but they sure wouldn’t wreck someone’s rice bowl or performance just because of his sexual orientation.

To all those who sign the petition, I hope u don’t have a gay or lesbian child or grandchild one day, because he/she might one day get bullied online and lose his job, his career, his opportunities. And what makes you think MediaCorp does not have gay/lesbian artists and newscasters? So if someone gay is reading the news on TV, do you just turn it off??? Are you sure everyone on your Ch8 9pm drama is straight? Think again. This is how ridiculous u sound when u sign the petition.

If you don’t like Adam Lambert, just don’t go to the concert or take a toilet break when he is performing. Don’t be an arrogant narrow-minded asshole. Not everyone has to live by your choices.

Lastly, to all you 11,000+++ dickheads who signed the petition, have you all ever wondered the shirt or perfume that you are wearing or the music you are listening were actually created by gays/lesbians?? How hypocritical is that…

Rose Chan
ASS Contributor

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