The police found a blood-stained jack knife in the rubbish chute 3 hours after the crime and they suspect that was the murder weapon.

It is believed the suspect, Neo Chun Zheng, went into his house to dispose of the weapon after stabbing Miss Soh Yuan Lin once and waited for the police to arrive.

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According to neighbours, before the murder, a fierce quarrel between a couple ensued for 15 minutes in the 11th floor flat.

After the crime, neighbours heard a male and auntie talking, believed to be the suspect and his mother. The auntie was heard asking “why you do this?” and the male replied “I know I am going to jail.”

Witness said they heard the auntie shouted “出事了” or jialat liao, and ask neighbours to call police immediately.

The neighbour who called police, Mr Su (50 year-old, renovation technician) said he heard people quarelling and came out of his flat only to see the shocking murder.

Mr Su added that the couple fought from inside of the house to outside and the mother manage to separate the couple before the stabbing occurred.

During the fight, the mother was heard telling the son to calm down and say “got what thing slowly talk” and “she want to go then let her go”. After the son stabbed Miss Soh, the mother ask him “why u want to take knife”.

Neighbours said the couple were together for a few years and she often came to look for her boyfriend. It was so often that neighbours felt she was sometimes living in his flat.

The deceased Miss Soh was a pretty girl with many good friends, including many male friends. According to wanbao, although Miss Soh was attached, she did not seem to lack suitors.

She was on good terms with many male friends, including one that gave her surprise birthday party in 2013 in Taiwan. Both of them also went on a trip to Thailand with a group of friends.

This male friend wrote on Miss Soh Facebook, “Yuan Lin, hope u rest in peace.”

Before the fateful quarrel with her boyfriend, Miss Soh’s Facebook already indicated that she was having problems in her relationship:

On 5 Oct Miss Soh wrote“我们在不知道情为何物的年纪相识”…On 26 Oct she wrote “原来,真的喜欢一个人,会没有勇气告诉他” – This hinted that she fell for someone else but don’t know how to express. And the next day she wrote “该放下了”,which means it’s time to let go.

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