A shocking murder happened at Blk 268B Boon Lay Way. 23 year-old air stewardess Soh Yuan Lin was stabbed to death after fighting with her 26 year-old boyfriend at his 11th floor apartment.

It was reported that the couple had a very fierce argument. They fought from inside of the house to outside. When the mother of the boyfriend finally managed to separate the two of them and Miss Soh was going to leave, she was unexpectedly stabbed.

After being stabbed, Miss Soh collapsed to the floor and couldn’t stop bleeding. Although she was rushed to the hospital, she succumbed to her injuries at 11:14pm.

The boyfriend, Neo Chun Zheng, was arrested at his home and will be charged with murder in court tomorrow.

According to the one neighbour Mr Su, 50 year-old, the victim was bleeding heavily after being stabbed and collapsed face down along the corridor.

Paramedics upon arriving at the scene rushed the victim to Ng Teng Fong Hospital. Many policemen and CID also came to cordon off the crime scene. Neighbours also witnessed a man being led away by policeman in handcuffs.

After the news spread, many neighbours came to see the commotion. The police also searched for evidence in the floors above and below. They were seen working till 5am before leaving with bags of evidence.

According to Miss Soh’s Facebook, she graduated from University of Birmingham and was a gregarious, outgoing gal. As news of her untimely death spread, many friends left condolences on her Facebook profile.

The victim’s family was at the mortuary this morning. They were solemn and declined to reveal more.

The reason behind the couple’s fight is unknown although a breakup is suspected.

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