A chio mother interviewing for model job and was asked to go to a flat. After changing into more than 10 sets of bikini and lingerie, she found out that she was being secretly filmed and called the police in.

姚艳峰, 43, is a study mummy from China. She is accompanying her 15 year old daughter who is studying in Singapore. She came across an advertisement asking for home modelling and decided to apply.

She then sent several full length photos of herself to the recruiter via WeChat and was asked to go to a Punggol flat for interview on Aug 25.

When she arrived, a middle-aged local male claiming to be manager said the flat was a temporary office and he was providing modelling services for a big fashion company. The job required the model to try on clothes that were delivered to the model’s house.

The local male then asked 姚艳峰 to go into a room and change into more than 10 sets of clothing for an audition, including bikini, lingerie, swimwear and casual clothes.

Every time she changed into a new set, the local male will give her some feedback for about 2-3 minutes.

姚艳峰 said after trying on two sets, she noticed a professional camera on the table in the room pointing at her. When asked, the male said it was for photo shoots and removed it from the room.

After completing the audition which took about half an hour, 姚艳峰 discovered a box on the table and in it was a mobile phone which had its camera lens exposed.

As she took it, she found that the phone camera was recording! And to her horror, when viewing the phone contents, it contained videos of her changing.

At this moment, the male happen to enter the room and saw 姚艳峰 with the phone. He was shocked and couldn’t explain. 姚艳峰 immediately called the police.

The chio mother was not suspicious of the advertisement, in fact it was her daughter that asked her mother to be careful and tried to dissuade her from going.

She said her daughter is very mature and feels that such things online are unreliable.

姚艳峰 said it was a China woman that spoke with her over WeChat and said that she felt comfortable talking to a fellow tiong and hence let her guard down.

On the day of the interview, it was also the China woman that brought her to the flat of the local male.

She added the WeChat account of the recruiter had many photos related to fashion and seemed legitimate.

姚艳峰 said the male begged her for mercy saying he is facing stress from his marriage.

Although being questioned by the police, the same advertisement surfaced online again. 姚艳峰 said the same WeChat account even sent her a message saying her news has spread to the whole of Singapore.

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