65 year old uncle who helped his younger brother to pay off debts, by mortgaging his house, was chased out of his house by his sister-in-law.

This incident happened yesterday at Blk 19 Ghim Moh Rd.

Retired Uncle Wong recounted in tears how he was chased out of his home by the wife of his younger brother. She not only threw out his belongings but also that of his 82 year old mother. Homeless and desperate, Uncle Wong spent the night sleeping at the kopitiam downstairs.

Uncle Wong said 3 years ago, his 45 year old brother married a 33 year old China bride. Since they moved into his flat two years ago, they never had peace.

As his younger brother was a gambler and owed the bank a huge sum of money, the elder Wong transferred the house to his younger brother so that he could mortgage it and slowly paid off his debt.

The flat was mortgaged for $400K and he loaned $300K to his brother. In return, the younger Wong promised to let his older brother and mother stay in the flat while giving them a monthly allowance as a form repayment.

Little did Uncle Wong expect his younger brother to repay his kindness by throwing him and his mother out of the house multiple times. Uncle Wong said this is 7th time the China bride has thrown me out of the house. Now my mother is in hospital and she even throw her belongings out.

The younger Wong, a taxi driver, admitted that his brother transferred the house to his name and lend him money to pay off his debts. He said that his China wife chased them out in a fit of anger and he will ask his brother once his wife anger has subsided.

According to neighbour Ah Feng, the elder Wong and his mother have been staying in the flat for decades and they are friendly and good temper. She feels injustice that they have been chased out of their own home and that the sister-in-law is evil heart.

Another neighbour Mdm Lee said they are helping Uncle Wong with his meals and hope that the authorities can help them find a shelter.

With the help of friends, Uncle Wong is currently staying at nearby community centre. A former stroke patient, Uncle Wong is unable to get stable employment and does not have much savings.

When interviewed, the China wife said her husband owes a lot of money and they do not have the means to take care of her brother-in-law and mother-in-law. She added the house has no more space so she had to throw away their things.

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