Yesterday evening around 6.30 pm on the bus stop opposite National Library, a China SBS bus driver threaten to beat me up…

I was rushing to board the bus 198 and it hadn’t leave the bus station yet. As I arrived and knocked on the bus door twice, he pretend or actually didn’t notice me. I knocked the third time harder in order to get his attention but was surprise when the driver open the door, got down the bus and start coming toward me like he want to beat me up like that.

I back away but he keep on moving forward and posing to beat me. He say many thing in his thick China accent, mostly vulgarity. What I managed to understand is he is going to beat me and my family up. What scared me the most is when he was leaving, he whispered “你小心点”, keep staring at me while he board the bus and drive off.

I took MRT after that…

I don’t understand why he is so aggressive, i really believe he was going to punch me in the face. Maybe he was surprise by the third knock? I did knock the door a bit hard and I did try to apologies to him, but he will have none of it.

I will be making a police report and a complaint to SBS.

A.S.S Reader

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