Dear Editor,

So Today I got rejected in a interview , simply because I was wearing the HIJAB.

This was what happened .

I went in and had an interview with the manager/boss . So she asked for my certs and since I didn’t bring it , I told her I’ll email it to her. Then suddenly she started off by saying why didn’t you go to ite after your N levels . I then told her that if I went to ITE, I will have to remove my scarf, she just say , “then take out your scarf lo” . Was shocked to hear that , but I smiled . Then she went on saying , “this job(student care teacher) got no future” so she was just talking and I was just listening to everything she had to say. And then at one point she said , ” don’t think I don’t like you (which obviously she doesn’t like me) , I think you have a bright future (I felt the insincerity) . So I said ok, since you feel this job has no future and that this job is suitable for the elderly,housewives, I asked her, ” If that’s the case, can my mom come and work here?” She immediately asked , “is your mom a Muslim?” Like even a monkey would know that my mom is obviously a Muslim. I told her “ya.” She then said ,”oh, your mom wears the hijab right? I don’t want this place to have muslim people , later they will think this is a Muslim student care and that won’t look good for our centre.” And she mentioned after that, that they’re finding for a Chinese teacher. Racist. Racist. Racist. After that, she called her Miss Angela( who claimed shes a counsellor) came in and said that they have few kids who are ADHD and that I can’t control them . This was all EXCUSES . They wasted my time travelling from yishun to bukit Timah . The centre name is OUT OF THE BOX KID’S CLUB.

Ismeth H.

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