Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight SQ001, which flew from San Francisco and arrived in Changi Airport today afternoon, was the target of a bomb threat, says the national carrier.

In a media statement issued this afternoon, SIA said that authorities are investigating the matter, but stated that except for some delays, all passengers had arrived safely in Singapore.

SQ001 landed safely at noon today, but passengers were delayed until about 1.30PM as the plane was diverted to a more remote airport gate and security checks were undertaken.

Passengers were not told the reason of the delay. At approximately 1.10PM, the captain made the announcement that the plane would be held on the tarmac and that airport buses would be used to ferry the passengers to the terminal due to security concerns.

According to one passenger, Mr Hoe: “We were held on the tarmac … for about 20 minutes. The captain then made the announcement that the gate was changed,”

“We were then parked at some remote area near the airport, and no further information was given, apart from waiting for air traffic control instructions.

“At approximately 1.10pm, the captain made the announcement that the plane will be held on the tarmac, and we would be ferried to the terminal by airport bus due to security concerns.

“I thought the captain was handling the situation well. No one was panicking on board. We actually didn’t know anything, and everyone thought it was just a normal delay until the announcement was made at 1.10pm. Everyone still remained calm.”

Mr Hoe added that the airport staff were helpful and provided them with bottled water and snacks.

The police confirmed that nothing suspicious was found on board the plane. Police are investigating the sourece of the bomb threat, adding that it takes a “very stern view against anyone who attempts to cause public alarm or fear by spreading hoaxes or false information”.

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