If you thought being in a small BTO flat was tough, wait till you see the type of accommodation City Harvest Church goddess Serina Wee will have to endure for the next 5 years!

About half the size of a normal HDB room (they would not reveal the exact dimensions for operational reasons), each cell houses three to four women.

In a corner is a squatting toilet and a shower, with just a half-height wall for modesty.

There is no bed . Prisoners are issued straw mat and blanket to sleep.

Then there are the rules for prisoners. At 5AM, lights are on and a muster check is done at 7AM. At 12PM, prisoners are given lunch before another check is conducted at 3PM. Dinner is served at 5PM before another check at 7PM. Lights off at 9PM. Water supplies are switched off between 9PM to 7AM.

Other rules include greeting wardens every where they go, being strip searched every time they go from one area to another and squatting in the presence of visitors.

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