Our reader has sent us his request for help after enduring countless rejections from employers who do not wish to hire him because he did not complete his National Service (NS).

Is anyone out there willing to help him?

Read his email here.

Good day to you.

My name is Randy and I am seeking help….. My family are in heavy debt and we have a final reminder. Even town council send final reminder too….. If we still can’t pay the bill, We might go to court…… My father salary is only $900 as basic pay but added commission only around $1200…. My mother is sick…. As for me I have been finding job but most interview ask me to wait for call just because I did not complete NS….. I did work some job but didn’t last long….. The staff talking behind my back and look down on me……. I am sorry but I can’t share why I did not complete NS because I fear it might ruin my life and no face to faces outside world…..
The good news is the Social worker has seek financial assistance on my behalf but do they accept me is another thing…… I fear it might take too long…..

As for my mother I really need help….. My mother has been fainting so many time like 2 -3 time per week and what worse it take 30 to 45 min to awake….. I call ambulance around 6 times already and when the doctor look at my mother, They claim they found nothing wrong with my mother…. With all the Scan and blood test still found nothing wrong!
I just want to know do anyone having this experience before from your loved one that keep fainting but find no cure?????
Can anyone please advise who should I seek help this time….. Until now she still keep fainting but Me and my father do not want to call Ambulance anymore because they might still find nothing of my mother……….
Actually my mother did try get a job because she have experience on coffee shop for more than 10 years time and even work as manager before…. But she have been bully by the boss and the staff too….. They use her to get more sales because my mother knows lots of delivery but after the coffee shop stable, They start to sabo my mother and insult her just to make her quit the job………

I want to help my family but many interview ask me wait for call because I did not complete NS and even if I did have a job, The staff will bully me and talk behind my back…… I want a job that won’t mind I did not complete NS and also be fair to me…. I mean you can look down on me but please do not bully or Sabo me…….

My family are now falling apart…. My father too stress and even cry about the debt…. As for my mother keep cursing herself saying if she die, She might save the family and we won’t worry about the money anymore…. It really pain me to listen her cursing!!!!!!

I was hoping for not seeking help as I try so hard but in this condition I really need help…. So if anyone can truly help me and my family please call 81271652…. The main reason I seek help not because I want money, All I want is a decent job that won’t mind I did not complete NS and a way to cure my mother….

Thank you.

Best regard,

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