Dear PM Lee,

Kindly do something about the transport for working adults in Fernvale(Now
under AMK GRC somehow)

Apparently the policy brewed out is not logical. Flexible work hours so that
to avoid peak train, LRT, travel early discounts etc.. is not feasible. Not
all industries or employers can adopt due to various factors like nature of
work etc.. You cant simply just go to work later or super early since
government always boast about their transport system network.

Singapore is not that big to justify waking up at 5.30am and leave house at
6am to take train to central area for work that starts 9am. 3 hours

Furthermore,no matter how early I leave house, the LRT is packed now compare
to when just moved in to Fernvale. Perhaps due to more BTO projects,more
residents. Even the LRT platform seems small now as more people waited on the
platform for train, not to mention being packed like a can of sardine when
train arrives.

This issue extends to sengkang LRT platform especially morning and after work
hours. Its increasingly becoming like Jurong East MRT platform. Everyone
becomes a skilled dancer dancing cha cha at the escalator entry/exit points
because the platform is getting crowded. Risking becoming human dominos.
Thinking of taking alternative transport to work but it seems the bus network
is so limited in Fernvale. Few choices to bring residents to destination or
not without a huge round around singapore or having to change bus service in
between the long journey.

Is there any way to add some bus services to town area to ease the LRT and
MRT traffic?

InesTan JerichoYeo KylerKyrus
A.S.S. Contributor

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