For years, Singaporeans have feedback to the govt about the lawlessness by
some road users on Singapore roads. Cyclists have blatant flouted laws,
going against traffic when they used the roads and pedestrian paths.
E-bicycles have been illegally modified and some users have raced up to
70kmph. Motorcyclists have disobeyed traffic.

The PAP, MOT and LTA under Lui Tuck Yew have seen these feedbacks as kpkb
complaints instead of valuing them as good feedbacks and have ignored them.
Many cyclists and motorcyclists have been killed and injured unnecessarily
because of MOT and LTA’s inaction. Many families have been badly affected.

It is a pleasant change when Khaw BW took over as Transport Minister
recently. Things are moving now. LTA has decided to rationalise the use of
public roads and come out with a set of simple rules for pedestrians,
cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.
This is long overdue. It should make it safer for everyone. LTA has also
decided to clamp down on e-bikes.

Khaw Boon Wan is the man!

Singaporeans have also requested for a review of the MRT and bus system,
saying that the present system privatises profits but socialises costs. But
the previous Transport Minister had no courage nor clout to review the
system. Will Khaw now do the right thing and review the MRT and bus system
to make it better and more efficient and to benefit Singapore and
Singaporeans instead of businesses and investors at the expense of tax

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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