All six City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders were sentenced to between 21 months and 8 years’ jail on Friday, with Kong Hee taking the heaviest rap with 8 years in prison and finance manager Chew Eng Han taking the next highest sentence with 6 years in prison.

Kong’s deputy Tan Ye Peng received 5 years and 6 months in prison, while media darling Serina Wee received the fourth highest sentence with 5 years.

Former board member John Lam received 3 years, while Sharon Tan received the lightest sentence at 21 months.

The judge said he had agreed with the prosecution’s call to set an example to deter other offenders, but he said he was being careful not to implement “disproportionately crushing sentences”.

He also highlighted the unique nature of this case – those found guilty did not enjoy personal again and believed that they were fulfilling the objective of the church. However, as Kong Hee was the overall spiritual leader and prime move and driver of the Crossover Project, he should be held be most culpable.

As for Chew, the judge said Tan Ye Peng, Wee and Lam all relied on him.

Their sentences will start on 11th January.

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