Yesterday early morning, I and my wife fetch our children to school via tuas checkpoint. A minor accident happen at the Tuas bridge towards singapore custom, at the Malaysian water involving a Malaysia car plate. I have informed the Malaysian driver to file a report in after arrived in Singapore.

When arrived at the Singapore custom 1st clearance. I abided the 1st clearance process and suppose proceed to the secondary passport clearance process. The Malaysian car drivers were so aggressive and block my way to the clearance. They showed the Cisco officer and the scratches on the car, and demanded me for my particular. The ICA and Cisco officer did not stop her but joined her instead.

Again I reiterate to them just file the traffic police report and proceed with the claims. The Cisco police and the ICA officer listening the the Malaysian couple and demand for my particulars to be surrender.

I refused and seeking to address the issue to the next his level. These Cisco guys already in the posture to pull the weapon to attack me. Senior ICA guys came to the heated argument and insisted I must surrender my particular, even asking me I am challenging his authority. I felt so lost and hopeless. I am in shock and my blood pressure really going high under such abusive and suppress situation.

I offered them to handcuff me if they think that not surrender my particulars to a foreigner is an offence but they did not do so. Losing out clue where to seek help and how to avoiding these officer who already in the attacking mode. I move back to my car and these Cisco and ICA officer grap my car key and pull the weapon to attack me. My wife shouted to stop them and luckily it didn’t hit on me.

Situation really escalated of out of control, I hyperventilation mode fainted while I try to step out from my car, I fell to the ground with a lump on my head. I was fetch to hospital in an ambulance. I have car cam recorder that document almost the whole episode. I surrender it to the police.

I am a Singapore Citizen, I was forced to surrender my particulars to a foreigner in my own custom officer over a minor accident at the Malaysian water by the Cisco police, ICA senior officer did not contain the situation and escalated to the level that almost caused my life. Cisco and ICA officer abuse their right and scope of work make my heart chilled to a citizen.

I am serously depress and in shocked after the incident.Since a case had been file by ICA, I was treated like a criminal has toke take DNA and photos. I am in a cancer recover journey since 6 months ago, I have not able to consume any food after the incident and has problems to sleep as the images of these officer is going over and over again in my brain. I felt so helpless and hopeless now.

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