Dear Editors,

Today on the bus as i was traveling home from work , the bus uncle braked hard . I saw the couple in front of me got off the bus with the uncle shouting at them i guess it was something like OI! why did you press the bell last min? (well i had my earphones on so i didnt really hear much of it.)

well the couple infront of me was too into each other (lovey dovey) until they forget their stop. No 1 was getting off or on that stop so uncle just drove past it but becos of them he had to brake. I have seen many situations like this before people last min getting off the bus.

But what makes this case so special and deserve to be on your web is the guts of the uncle. He had the guts to scold them unlike most bus drivers who kept quiet .That couple just laugh it off while saying sorry (they didnt even bother about the safety of the passengers nor the trouble they had caused) .

For his one of a kind attitude he deserve a thumbs up. It is very dangerous when bus drivers have to brake.

Respect Bus Driver
A.S.S. Contributor

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