Dear Editors,

I went down to Tampines Polyclinic for my normal blood test on 7/9/15. I noticed that the lab technician was using a glove when I came into the cubicle, she entered my info into the computer, she later took a blood sample from me, she did not change the gloves, there was a box of gloves next to her. This has happened before, even during the SARS time, they did not change the gloves used for each patient. I sent in my feedback on the lack of hygiene in taking my blood and what about other older people who could be infected by this practice.

My Wife went down last week for her blood test and the same thing happened. So it is not isolated. I sent a complain to MOH. I was contacted the next day by someone from the Polyclinic group, she said that the laboratory work was outsourced to SGH and all the people working there are not from SingHealth. I told her that the Polyclinic has to maintain a high standard of such hygiene and not simply say not them. I told her to get a higher person in charge to call me and explain what is the course of action to be taken.

Till today, almost a week already, nobody has called me. This week my Mother-in-law went down for her blood test and the technician was changing the gloves prior to taking a blood sample. SGH has a hepatitis C issue and you wonder why, with no basic medical hygiene in place ,it’s a wonder that we do not all suffer from some blood born problem. This issue must be across the polyclinics as the technician are regularly moved around.

Please check the next time you or a older relative goes for blood test as they might still be using this method to get blood. All this time I was thinking that we are a first world medical country as proclaimed by the Govt. We are worst then third world,

By the way the SingHealth staff said that they could not locate my feedback, is it censored by the local Polyclinic.

Reggie Thomas

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