Our reader has submitted some photos of a woman she accuses of being her husband’s mistress. The wife was agitated over the disrespectful attitude the mistress showed her after her husband’s affair was exposed.

Read her letter here.

“i dun think i am shameless..”
“i rather let ppl laugh i am third party..”
“i dun wan face..”

wanna spoil other’s relationship and be 小三? this is the price you got to pay . this shamless women here name YVONNE KUEK .

every ladies please take a closer look at this slut here . she don’t care whether you have a family/relationship , she don mind being a third party . note: she is aware of my existence . as a divorcee , she already has no much value as a women(no offence to others) yet she still do this kind of shamless things still thinking she has no wrong.

yes ,many of you will say it takes 2 hand to clap . i don’t care what others going to think or comment . i hope this post will go viral to teach this bitch a lesson . she even confronted one of my friend that she will not let her off for ruining her plans to hold on her “小三 position” . still name my friend bitch when she herself is a bitch .

guess this must be your most memoriable post you ever read ya ? wan to threaten to sue me ? i will wait for your lawyer letter then .dont think you are shamless ? fine ,like i said i will fulfill your wish

Anonymous Angry Wife

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