How can you tell if someone is truly credible? If someone makes a mistake, and then admits it.

The more familiar terminology would be having ‘transparency and accountability’, something that opposition parties (AHPETC saga, Chee Soon Juan being Chee Soon Juan), obviously lack (and provided PAP a reason why you shouldn’t vote for the opposition, but of course you should still because PAP is much worse).

It is bitterly ironic that opposition parties and alternate media sites vehemently criticise PAP’s lack of transparency and accountability, when they too are biased and hide information for their own benefit.

For example, TheOnlineCitizen’s refusal to publish my mother’s written account validating the emotional abuse that I faced from my fellow-ex bailor and molester, Vincent Law ( , because they portrayed Vincent as this caring and thoughtful bailor, when in fact he had been non-consensually sodomizing me and pining me to his bed. They didn’t want to admit their mistake. The people from TheOnlineCitizen although they write stirring and truthful criticisms of our wretched PAP Government, are in fact manipulative, cowards and fucking cunts.

All opposition parties also seem to have this problem, and you’ll be even more aware of that if you have the privilege to witness some of the inner conflicts that happen behind-the-scenes (Hello Reform Party).

Then, a miracle happened.

AllSingaporeStuff misused DJ jamie yeo’s photo, making it seem like she condemned the Government’s birth policies, when really she accepted them and is an avid sucker of PAP dick. jamie yeo then went onto Facebook to condemn AllSingaporeStuff’s misrepresentation of her, ASS (haha) then quietly took down the article but Mothership noticed their attempt to try to hide their mistake, and reported it.

Now everyone else from the both the side of the Government (obviously), and the side of the opposition (also obviously) would just ignore all the reports and accusations towards them, creating hard evidence for people to prove that they are non-credible, biased pieces of shit.

But what did AllSingaporeStuff do?

They fucking posted the link of the mothership article criticizing them on their Facebook page and admited that they had a ‘kana smackdown’.

Did an alternate media site that has a large following not make an attempt to further hide their mistake but instead…. admitted it? Holy fuck!

So out of all the media sites in Singapore, the Singlish-laden AllSingaporeStuff, is, and possibly, the only media site in Singapore that is actually…. accountable? Wow… Good job AllSingaporeStuff, you have Amos Yee’s seal of approval

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