Our reader submitted a Facebook post by June Chan, a local teenager who came across a dog tied to a railing outside of a Seven Eleven store. The poor mongrel was left to drink rain water and eat rubbish off the floor outside the store. June felt pity for the dog and decided to buy a bottle of mineral water for the dog to drink even though she is afraid of dogs.

Read her post here.

“June Chan

It took me some time before I decided to walk into
the nearby seven eleven to buy this dog a bottle of mineral water. It just
pains my heart to see a dog being tied to the railing while he greedily
drinks the rain water on the floor and eating up the rubbish it can reach for
(cigarette butts and tissue papers).

I might not be a hardcore dog lover ( I’ve to admit I’m afraid of dogs), but
the scene of this dog eating up rubbish from the floor and drinking rain
water makes me take a step further to do what I can to help it.

It looks like it is deprived of water, and just when I look it into its eyes,
somehow or rather there is some sort of sadness. (I got to admit, I took
quite some time before I decided to walk towards it.) Did the owner not feed
it water knowing that he is bringing it out for a walk?

After a minute or so of hesitation, I walked into seven eleven to buy this
dog a bottle of mineral water. (As I was feeding the dog, a colleague of mine
took a photo of me.)

Shortly after, the owner appeared and pat the dog on his head saying “what
did you do again”, I told him, “he was drinking rain water from the floor so
I bought him some water to drink”. His reply was “he likes to drink it.”
HONESTLY, I was shocked and offended by his reply.

To certain pet owners out there, if you do not have the ability or
responsibility to feed a pet, don’t ruin them.”

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