According to a statement by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), the police have responded to a case of assault at one of the MSF’s Social Service Offices (SSO) after a member of public assaulted a MSF officer while she was interviewing him to understand his financial situation.

The attack took place on 6th November, when the man approached the SSO at Toa Payoh to apply for financial assistance. As part of procedures, an officer was assigned to interview the man about his financial situation. However, the interview went awry and the member of public assaulted the female MSF officer.

The SSO immediately called the police and the man was arrested. The officer received treatment at the hospital for her injuries.

The MSF had this to say about the incident: “MSF officers, including those at our SSOs, try our best to serve the public. For people seeking assistance from us, we seek their cooperation so that we can assess their situation and extend the appropriate assistance to them. We value our officers and will not tolerate any form of abuse against them. In instances where our officers are abused in the course of duty, MSF will not hesitate to bring the perpetrators to task.”

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