We received this letter from a reader who is struggling with the high costs of living in Singapore. Being an elderly cleaner with a salary of $1000 a month, our reader has had to support her jobless husband, her son who contributes nothing to household income, and her pregnant daughter, her husband who was medically certified unfit to work, and her 2 year old daughter.

She says that she approached the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s (MSF) Social Service Office last month, but has received no proper follow ups from the MSF.

What do you think?

Read her letter here.

Hi good evening.

I’m jeyaletchimi d/o chellaiyan, Ic No : S1727235G. I’m 50yrs old working as a cleaner in a warehouse. I’m only earning $1000 (after cpf deduction I only get $810)

My husband is jobless.

My elder son is working but he’s not contributing any single cents to the family .

My daughter is married with a 2 yrs old son and she’s 8 mths pregnant her husband is medically unfit to work certified by the doctor.

I’m looking after everything by myself including utilities bills, C&C, HDB installment payment, buy things for the house and above this I do have my own personal debts to settle too. All this I’ve got to run a family with $810 which I really cannot mange too.

Last month I went over to boon lay sso to seek financial assistance but till now I’ve not got any proper outcome from the sso. I’ve aready explain my situation to sso. My life is really been very difficult to manage everything by myself and I’m really going through a stressful life looking after everything by myself. I really hope you can help me out. I’m telling you everything sincerely from bottom of my heart.

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