Dear Editors,

I am very frightened by what I am reading on Facebook. After the Paris terrorist attacks, so many people died. This singaporean man declare on Facebook that the only way to solve all these problem is to set up Islamic Caliphate. He called those who show sympathy to Paris attack as well-trained, manipulated by the West.

“Time for the khilafah. Only the khilafah has the right to declare military action on nations that attack Muslims. And only the khilafah can defend the ummah. Without the khilafah…

The west and it’s allies will continue to attack, invade and subdue the ummah.

And Muslims without knowledge, authority or right will take it upon themselves to do what their leaders cannot.

Want to regain the dignity and strength of the ummah…

Want to ensure rational policies and actions…

Whether Muslims or non-Muslims…we need to realize that the only option to minimize the conflict between Islam and the west is.. To re-establish the khilafah.”

He went on to say those who show sympathy for what happened in Paris were being manipulate by Western powers.

“Keep on discussing Paris. Show us you are well trained. Show us you have been sufficiently indoctrinated into accepting what the west tell you to be important…are really important.

Show us how easily manipulated you are. You think you are showing sympathy? But you are only sympathetic to what the west are sympathetic to. Yes, you showed some sympathy to the Rohingya and Palestinians too…but they do not absorb you the way Paris does…or London..or New York..

And some of you now try to moderate your response…you think by bringing Beirut into the discussion, you are showing independence and resistance… But I did not see you discuss Beirut when it happened.

Beirut only became relevant because of Paris. Paris is your catalyst…it is the reason”

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