35 year-old Madam Ning Lei met her Singaporean husband, Mr Gng Cher Kang, also 35, in a a Chinatown club in May last year. They married in August that same year before giving birth to triplets in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in July this year.

But since April this year, Madam Ning has not seen her husband, Mr Gng, leaving her and her triplets stuck without Singaporean citizenship. Under the Constitution, a child born here can apply for citizenship if his parents are married and at least one parent is a Singaporean.

Madam Ning came to work in Singapore in 2013 as a beautician but quit her job soon after her marriage as she accompanied Mr Gng to his work trips in Wuhan for business. When she found out that she was pregnant in February this year, she moved in to Mr Gng’s parents home.

However, she moved out in April because of a rift with her mother-in-law. Since then, she has been staying at a hotel with her mother, who flew down to see her daughter as she was worried. During her hotel stay, she found out her husband had moved out of their Wuhan home. He changed his office numbers and blocked her on WeChat.

When her in-laws visited her at the hospital twice, they did not say much and seemed to push all responsibility to Madam Ning. “My mother-in- law said that it was my decision to bring the triplets to this world, so it is my responsibility to take care of them, not theirs.”

Madam Ning has filed two police reports on her missing husband. She also applied for a court order to compel her husband to provide her with financial support. When her husband failed to show up for hearings, the court issued a warrant of arrest.

“I want my girls to take up Singapore citizenship. It is their birthright,” she said. “Children here also receive better education and health benefits.”

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