I have been in quite a number of relationships. I have to say that many sinkie girls are actually quite humble and down to earth. The keyword is to make the girl loves you enough to go through everything with you.

Below are just some examples from my past experience with various girls:

– I told her my car broke down and had it sent for repair, she was willing to travel all the way from East to West just to meet up with me for a short while and then travel home by herself.

– I told her I am quite hard up on cash this month and immediately she transferred $1k to me and said she will be always here for me.

– She kept reminding me never to buy her any expensive stuff for her as presents as she would rather I save it up for our future.

– She was willing to eat in hawker centre with me as I dislike those fanciful but expensive restaurant food.

– She was willing to work overtime with me just so that we could go home together.

– She always offer to pay for some expenses during our dates (eg. movie tickets, dinner etc).

Much contrary to the sentiments online, Sinkie girls are not that material and GCPs as you all labelled them to be. The chess piece is in your hands, its about how you play them.

A.S.S. Reader

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