Dear Editors,

I went to this shop at BLK 502 JURONG WEST AVENUE 1 to change the battery for my father’s watch which he had kept in the box long time ago. The watch was in good condition except the time has stopped.

This woman who attended to me, tried to uncap the watch but she missed twice leaving 2 scratched line on the cover of the watch. When I asked her, she just simply replied a bit only and confirmed will scratch one.

A man (who looks like the owner of the shop) took a look at the watch and also replied confirmed will scratch one.

I told him this watch belongs to my father and it was without any scratches and I saw the woman misses the grip twice thus causing the scratched lines.

The woman tried to use a cloth to “clean” but the scratched lines were still visible.

I paid $10 for the battery and asked the man again about the scratched line. He repeated that confirm will scratched and furthermore they also didn’t do it intentionally.

Throughout the whole episode, they did not apologised at all! It’s as if it was none of their business and it was not their fault!

Before leaving, I told them that this is not the way to do business and the woman replied ” next time don’t come” While I took photographs of the shop, the man said ” take and put on internet lor”

This was my first and last time patronising this shop!

A.S.S. Contributor

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