There’s an aunty going around Admiralty and apparently woodlands mrt asking people for $10 to buy drink! Please beware of her, she will put up a show by walking with a limp and looking lost and abit abnormal (not being rude but really) and asking everyone to give her $10 to buy drink

I gave her $2 because I didn’t think so much and Didnt realize she was pretending, But then right after she take she looked kindof happy and never say thanks, immediately walk fast to next person follow and ask them to give her money ‘buy drinks!’

When they didn’t she followed them to an extent and sometimes even pull their arm I started to pretend to call police(talk loudly) and stare at her while following her wherever she walked.

She noticed me and stopped asking for money and kept walking away from me, and After that she went into mcdonalds! That’s where she suddenly ‘Became’ normal and ordered her drink from cashier normally..Then she walked off to the bus stop.

Don’t be duped by her

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