At 7am this morning, opposite Central mall just before the tunnel, I was pushed off my bike by a man probably in his 40’s, in yellow tees, black shorts, black headphone.

I hit my right face against a side wall and broke my front tooth. My cheek and lip are swelling. My hubby and a jogger ran after my attacker but they couldn’t stopped him. Have reported case to police.

It was an unprovoked attack, I didn’t even ring bell at him. He was walking from the opposite direction when he saw me and pushed me.

It is never right to cause harm. Even if cyclists aren’t allowed on pavements, nobody is allowed to take laws into their own hands and cause harm. Amos Yee was slapped by a guy, yes, maybe we can argue that he deserved to be slapped? but look what happened to this guy? jailed.

I count myself unlucky this time but he committed bad karma, he will pay for it some day. Anyway, police said, anytime, should we see this guy again, to call 999 right away, let d police do d rest, never take him down on our own.

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