My father has been complaining about the illegal parking in Geylang Bahru
Terrace for the past 10 years plus but nothing much has been done about it.
Even the MP knows but things are still the same. My family has to worry about
my father’s safety every single night; even till midnight or the next
morning, as we are unsure if his coach has a space to park despite paying for
the parking lot every month. So his friend and him complained about the
illegal parking vehicles almost every single week for the past one year but
the problem is not solve at all.

Thus, he decided to head down to the Town Council to lodge a complain of this
particular lorry and coach that is parking there illegally every single day;
which they just found out last month that both vehicles are own by the same
person. The ridiculous part was that his details was not kept confidential at
all, as an officer at the Town Council shared my father’s details to the
owner who was being complained about. We came to know it as words spread to
my father’s ears through a mutual friend of my father and the owner. So it
was worrying for us as particulars and details of a person should be kept
secret, if not, then what is the use of PDPA – Personal Data Protection Act?
It makes me wonder if our votes are kept confidential too.

My father decided to call the police to lodge a report at the Neighbourhood
Police Post since the Town Council cannot do anything about it and even
release his particulars and details out. But to his horror, the police
officer was frustrated at my father while he was taking down the statement
and pushed the keyboard to my father to type it himself. This is ridiculous!
As my father is not IT-savy, if not he would have type out the report
himself. My father was upset and decided to leave the police post and make
the report at another neighbourhood police branch but instead, this police
officer grab my father’s hand to make sure he will not leave with his NRIC
and then quickly took down his particulars which we do not understand what
was that for. It is an action that is not professional for a police officer
who is a sergeant and has long service badge on.

The unimaginable part came when my father received a police phone call from
the Police Centre to follow up on the incident that happens at the
Neighbourhood Police Post and the police officer told my father that he can
lodge a report regarding the officer at Town Council that release his
particulars to people but not to lodge a report about the incident at the
police post. I was in unbelief to hear this. How can an police officer says
this? Is he trying to cover up for another police officer and his actions?
What is happening to the police officer here in Singapore? Aren’t they
suppose to carry out their value, integrity? I cannot believe that such
things are happening here in Singapore.

I wanted to share this cause there is nowhere that we can feedback to the
government or MP. The Meet-the-People session was pointless as the MP will
just briefly hear you out and quickly try to solve the matter and send you
off, and the results is back to the start again. Even if we do send them an
email, there is no reply from them too; true story. We just hope that things
here will be better and the MP can truly care about the residents and help to
solve matters instead of leaving it for years.

Angry Resident

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