Terrible after sales customer service from Kim’s Kitchen and also
unacceptable food portion for the package i took up. Will not order from them
ever again despite its highly raved!

I ordered a 5 days trial lunch tingkat for 3 person.

For the first 2 days although the food does not taste fantastic but the
portion is reasonable for 3 person.

But on the 3rd day, i got a shock with the portion given! Is more like for 1
person (refer to photo)

The potato dish with only 1 piece of chicken cube? And that portion is
seriously ridiculous for 3 person. The fried wanton is 1 piece for each

Are you telling me yes is 1 piece of wanton for each person?

On the 1st day there is a dish like fried fish cake , there are already about
6-8 pieces which i feel is reasonable for 3 person. Today’s portion is
seriously too little for 3 person.

I called up their hotline and this person call Yu Ting. She does not sound
apologetic at all for all the inconvenience caused and asked me to send
photos to their email and they will ‘see to it’. But there are no news from
them till today. Is this the way they solve the problem or merely just
avoiding the complain when it is fault on their end. I am writing in to seek
satisfactory clarification on my complain. The photo shown on the food
portion is definitely a laughing joke! I have ordered lunch tingkat from
another caterer before for 1 pax and the portion is almost similar to the
portion Kim’s kitchen send to me for 3 pax on the 3rd day!

I am writing in to share my experience and readers you can be the judge and
consider twice if you wish to order from Kim’s Kitchen then.

Customer Ng

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