Dear Editors,

My friends and I purchased 4 groupon voucher for Azmaya Honten’s buffet dinner (cuppage plaza outlet) and made a reservation the night before to come in at 7pm the following day.

We were really excited especially after a long week that we were able to have a good meal and catch up on our lives however, we were greeted with such displeasure that ruined our night.

We arrived at 6:45pm at Azmaya Honten and was greeted by 2 service crews. Upon confirming my reservations, one of the two said that I couldn’t have the table as she thought I had booked a table for Ala carte, not using a groupon voucher.

She treated me indifferently immediately. She became extremely rude, she rolled her eyes and insisted that I told her I was having Ala carte not groupon buffet. She said I lied and she was pissed at me, what?????? Then she keeps shaking her head, smirk, rolled her eyes.

What did I do to deserve this? To think that I was really polite because I didn’t know how to be horrible like her. I was really sad thereafter as I felt that no one should be treated that way or even treat someone that way especially when you’re a customer and is paying 10% as service charge. It is evident that this particular service staff has been rude to groupon customers as it can be seen on their Facebook page.

It was my first groupon purchase and it was a horrible one. The lady was named Yen, she spoke with a strong Vietnamese accent and had a bad command of English.

Would you pay for a service like this?

Miss A
A.S.S. Contributor

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