After yesterday’s expose where a parent Mr Wilson Choo alleged RP Renewable Energy lecturers conducted their lessons in Mandarin, Republic Polytechnic has conducted their internal investigations and these are their finding. RP believes that the allegations are unfounded and all classes are delivered in English. There is no basis for Mr Choo’s allegations.

Republic Poly said:

“We would like to provide some updates to the case in question. Republic Polytechnic is made up of students and staff from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and fosters a harmonious learning environment.

The observations brought up by Mr Wilson Choo are unfounded, as all classes at RP are delivered in English. Further internal checks have confirmed that all lecturers from the Diploma in Renewable Energy Engineering (DREE) deliver their lessons in English without exception.

We have repeatedly contacted Mr Wilson Choo and his son, who graduated from RP in 2013, without success to address his concerns and to assure him of RP’s commitment to delivering quality education.

We hope that this has allayed your concerns and welcome any feedback that enhances our students’ learning experience.”

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