Dear Editors,

The recent Myanmar Election has many good lessons for Singaporeans and the PAP. They are:

1. PAP must realise that fair and free elections is the way to go. Gerrymandering, manipulation, controlling the press, controlling the Elections Department make the election neither fair nor free.

2. PAP must know that not holding fair and free elections will ultimately alienate it from the people as what the Myanmar military junta did.

3. PAP must realise that using public money for its political advantage will eventually kill the PAP

4. Singaporeans must tell PAP lies from truths

5. Singaporeans must learn from the Myanmar people to vote out autocracy

6. Myanmar villagers are more politically savvy than educated Singaporeans

7. 69.9% Singaporeans are cowards and dare not vote for the truths

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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